Visual Arts

We’ll help you teach a variety of different art forms to the children you teach.


If you are ready to get messy and creative with the children, don’t miss Creativity Using Visual Art with Mary Fai. The workshops are packed withactivities, documentation and personal experiences from working with children 3-5 years old. Each child is unique and so is his/her artwork. You will see ways to create that uniqueness! Time to think outside the box and join the fun!


After Mary completed her ECE and Montessori training, she started working at Creative Minds and has been for the past 8 years. In 2010, she received the Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Education along with two other colleagues, Wendy Featherling and Kathryn Dula. Mary sees the child as a curious and unique individual and she believes by providing the guidance and tools we can help children discover their world.

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