In Goings On
Blowing harder.
Blowing softer.
Delighting in discovery.

It’s wonderful to watch the students play in the LLIF ECE program.P1000291-2

As I watched and listened there was a noticeable sense of wonder and inquiry as they chatted, laughed and chased after bubbles.

There were many hypotheses being made and several cause and effect statements. Here are a few:P1000298

• “It broke because of the light” (she sent a beam of light from the flashlight on a bubble).
• “It will pop if you try to catch it”
• “You’re in the way of the wind” (noticing that the wind took the bubbles in specific directions)
• “The small one is good. The big one doesn’t work” (referring to the wands they made)
• “Maybe try it again. Shake your bottle”
• “Slowly. Don’t do it every fast or it won’t work”
• “If you try to catch the wind when it’s going really slowly it can help”
• “Hello Everybody, there’s one caught on a leaf. It’s really flat on one side”

beautiful bubbles
light and floating with the wind
going every where
mine just went up
touches the leaves, sticks or bursts?
mine just burst.


Bubbles floating in the sky, away they go
The wind takes them up up up
Our minds watch, full of wonder
Feeling our spirits soar like the bubbles in the sky


Big bubble liquid, small bubble liquid, mini bubble liquid .
That’s where these beautiful bubbles come from.
Is it red ? Is it blue ? Is it green? 
Or is it iridescence?
The bubbles are coming. The bubbles are going. The  bubble have disappeared.
Bubbles are beautiful and fun.
“Where are you going?”
“Grass is my home”
“And roof is my home too”
“Where are you going?”Bubbles follow the wind
and go far, far away
Some brake on the hard surfaces
Others  lands softly, stays longer, on others.
Bubbles follow the wind.
Sorrows are bubbles!
Bubbles on the water.
Play with it and be free.
Like a free butterfly that 
flies everywhere.
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