A two-day playshop for grown-ups 

Saturday, April 21, and 28, 9 – 4
Jericho Learning Centre – West door
4196 W. 4th Avenue, Vancouver, V6R 4J5

“The Fool is the essential poetic integrity of life itself, clear and naked, overflowing in cosmic fun; not the product of intellectual achievement, but a creation of the culture of the heart.” (Collins, 2002)

Spend time laughing and learning in the company of your other self, your fool or trickster archetype, who can reacquaint you with your birthright that includes the qualities of flexibility, imagination, and courage.

With games, puzzles, videos, songs and stories we will explore how fools, clowns and tricksters use comic structures as forms of inquiry – learning – including satire, jokes, cartoons, parodies, Rube Goldberg machines, paper engineering, pictograms, sketch performance, parkour, and other playful expressions of topsy turvy.

Enjoy these activities for their own sake – for YOUR own sake, and consider how you might include them in your personal life and professional repertoire.

April 21, April 28, Both
To register: email livinglanguageece@gmail.com
Cost: $30/day

A light lunch is included.
Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 3.39.41 PMFacilitator
, Dr. Elaine Decker (shown here with her sidekick Albert Einstein) earned a PhD at the University of British Columbia, studying comedy as an interpretive tool.
Her career has included teaching assignments in elementary schools, colleges, universities and pre-service teacher education programs, and administrative posts in several post-secondary institutions – all grist for the comic mill.

She works to emulate the universal archetype of the wise outsider – the fool – who always finds another way to make sense of nonsense, and life