Teaching Like a Trickster

There is a trickster character in most cultures. The trickster embodies flexibility, imagination, and courage and acts as a model for us in our work with children, their families and our colleagues.

Tonight’s presentation by Dr. Elaine Decker helped us take a peek at the trickster within.

In small groups, we read aloud the wordless picture books by Mercer Mayer such as One Frog Too Many. Then in another part of the process we read stories using the Cozy Classics by J. Wang and H. Wang. Using this format we retold our original Mayer stories using the 12-word and-picture format. These 12 words captured our telling of the story and the designs and illustrations complimented the words.

After reading our books to one another we realized that regardless of what a book offered, the “story” was the one we created as we viewed, read, talked.

We used flexibility, imagination, and courage to tell our group story, and appreciated the support and talent of our group members in this fun project.

The attached images reflect the joy in this presentation.

IMG_0424 IMG_0422 IMG_0420 IMG_0419 IMG_0417



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