Welcome to LLIF ECE Training Program!

We are fully accredited and offer a comprehensive program with excellent financing options.

  • Mentor based training
  • Private class size, public price point
Program Details
Program Details

We are fully accredited and offer excellent financing options.

About Us
About Us

We’re a non-profit organization accredited by the ECE Registry and the Private Training Institute Branch.


We teach in a hands on environment in an award-winning child care centre.

LLIF Early Childhood Education Training Program

Looking for an accredited, innovative ECE program in British Columbia (BC)?

Master teachers with years of experience came together to create this ECE training program, one of the most vital ECE programs of its kind. Your connection to this program will enrich your life while giving you a solid grounding in Early Childhood Care and Education. Our innovative programs and workshops, with a supportive network of colleagues, will give you the confidence, competency and capability to get the employment or open your own program. Think of the possibilities.


Is this training program for you?

The primary attitude expected of all seeking entry into LLIF Early Childhood Education Program is that they ‘love little children’. This profession offers unique opportunities to foster the healthy growth of young hearts and minds, to open up their learning potential, and in so doing to make rich contributions to families and society at large. At the same time, on the part of those involved, the loving care of children makes great demands of time, energy, and money. For this reason, committing oneself to pursue a career in early childhood education requires careful discernment. Learn more about our unique ECE training in Vancouver, BC!image001-2

“I’ll tell you the secret to good teaching: make possible an experience 
without predetermining what that experience will be.” – Maxine Greene