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We are fully accredited and offer a comprehensive program with excellent financing options.


Our next cohort of students will begin the program on October 7, 2019 .


$100 registration fee

$2,100.00 Term 1
$2,100.00 Term 2
$2,100.00 Term 3

Books can be purchased on line and borrowed from the library.

NOTE: LLIF does not offer loans but we offer students opportunity to make payments that fit with their needs.  Our desire is to help students be free of loan payments for their training in ECE.


The LLIF ECE Program is a practice-based program. Throughout your entire program you will learn theory and gain knowledge of appropriate practice while observing and working with children. This process will strengthen your understanding and ability to deliberate and interpret.


You will work with instructors and have a mentor for the duration of the program.

The LLIF ECE Program flows out of the belief that active participation is essential to learning. Oral and written reflection, both private and with others, are key to this learning process.

The program came to life out of the immediate need to address the shortage and quality of early childhood educators for our young learners. With this concern, a dozen master teachers with years of experience came together to create one of the most vital programs of its kind. Your connection to this program will enrich your life while giving you a solid grounding in Early Childhood Care and Education. We will give you the confidence, competency and capability to get ECE employment or open your own program. Think of the possibilities.


The International Baccalaureate Program was originally conceived by Marie-Terese Maurette as a way of teaching for peace. She wrote Is There A Way for Teaching for Peace? a handbook for UNESCO and her ideas soon became the IB Diploma Programme. This has led to IB programmes for children ages 3 to 19 years. Creative Minds Early Learning Centre has been incorporating the IB Program for the Early Years since 2008. All mentors at Creative Minds are trained in this methodology. All ECE students will be immersed in this practice. This will open your job opportunities globally.


The LLIF ECE Program integrates four core aspects of the program:

1) Sound-to-Symbol Praxis based on the belief that singing in the form of social play enhances children’s learning and provides a context for attaining respectful, attentive, social behaviours;

2) Curriculum inspired by children and their interests in the world around them embedded in the IB Learner Profile so that they come to know themselves and the world in which we live, learn to describe their emotions, and develop the necessary skills to share what they are learning, thinking and wondering; and

3) Love and Learning philosophies incorporated into the study to help students learn skills for nurturing a loving relationship between children and their earth home.


Students will connect with a variety of community events and organizations with an emphasis on events that connect to Indigenous ways of knowing.


Reflection is one of the most valuable skills we can develop in order to improve our practice. Thus, reflections in writing and other forms of representation, play a significant role in the assessment process.

LLIF uses the Quality Assurance Standards, the Early Learning Framework  and the ECEBC Code of Ethics to assess competent practice in the field of ECE. Some headings for assessment include: work performance and knowledge of the field of ECE; interpersonal skills with children, their families, peers and ECE professionals; communication skills and advocacy skills.

Final grades include the student’s self assessment, the assessments of mentors, practicum consultants and examinations both oral and written.

Our first group of graduates with Dr. Fleurette Sweeney, Dr. Pille Bunnell and Kate McCabe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Basic ECE program cost?

The basic ECE program has a total tuition of $6300.00 plus the costs of books and workshops.

Do I qualify for a student loan?

LLIF does not offer student loans but is prepared to work with students to support fees payments through various payment structures within our organization.

Is LLIF a designated college?

Yes. LLIF is a federally designated non-profit society with charitable status. Our designation institution learning (DLI) number is 0123691110047. LLIF is authorized to offer a private career training program under the Private Training Institution Branch.

How many courses do I have to take to become an ECE assistant?

The Ministry of Children and Family Development in BC requires that you complete one of the following courses:

  • Health, Safety and Nutrition;
  • Child Growth and Development;
  • Guidance and Discipline.

When you complete this course you may order a transcript and have it sent to the ECE registry to fulfill this requirement.

How do I make an interview appointment?

After your application has been received the LLIF representative will contact you to schedule an interview. At that interview the following materials need to be provided to the LLIF representative:

  • academic records;
  • registration fee of $100 (if it has not been paid already);
  • criminal record check.
  • valid picture ID
  • 3 letters of reference
  • doctor’s certificate of wellness
  • 250-500 word letter explaining why you want to work with children
How do I register?

Contact Us and you will be required to:

  • provide personal information;
  • pay a registration fee;
  • provide three reference letters;
  • engage in a conversation with faculty about why you wish to enter the ECE field.
What licensing will I receive?

What licensing will I receive?

A certificate of graduation from LLIF ECE program is one step in the process for application for an ECE Certificate to Practice with the ECE Registry.

Upon completion of our 11 courses in the basic ECE program, you will receive a transcript which satisfies one of the licensing requirements. A transcript will be sent to the ECE registry on your behalf.

Please go to this ECE BC site for more details.

Have a question or want to apply? Give us a call or send us an email and we'll be happy to help.

Phone: 604-263-4711 (Kate McCabe)