Student Statement of Rights

Creative Minds Early Childhood Education Certificate Program is certified with the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training.

Before you enrol at a certified private training institution, you should be aware of your rights and responsibilities.

You have the right to be treated fairly and respectf ully by the institution.

You have the right to a student enrolment contract that includes the following information:

  • amount of tuition and any additional fee for your program
  • refund policy
  • if your program includes a work experience, the requirements to participate in the work experience and the geographic area where it will be provided
  • whether the program was approved by PTIB or does not require approval

Make sure you read the contract before signing. The institution must provide you with a signed copy.

You have the right to access the institution’s dispute resolution process and to be protected against retaliation for making a complaint.

You have the right to make a claim to PTIB for a tuition refund if:

  • your institution ceased to hold a certificate before you completed an approved program
  • you were misled about a significant aspect of your approved program

You must file the claim within one year of completing, being dismissed or withdrawing from your program.
For more information about PTIB and how to be an informed student, go to:

Respectful and Fair Treatment of Students

Creative Minds Early Childhood Education Certificate Program has outlined the principles and standards of professional conduct expected of all members of the community in order to make every reasonable effort to provide a respectful campus environment free from discrimination, harassment, and violence for employees and students alike.

This policy applies to members of the program community and to all aspects of CMECECP’s campus environment, which includes both physical locations as well as virtual space. This policy does not limit the right of a complainant to make enquiries or register a complaint with any external agencies, such as the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.

Members of the Program community, including employees and students, engaged in any activity on Program property or in conjunction with the Program have the right to an environment that promotes respectful behavior. CMECECP strives to provide a campus environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and violence. The Program does not condone these behaviors and they will not be tolerated. Members of the Program community are expected to:

a) share the responsibility of establishing and maintaining an environment of respectful behavior and to engage in professional conduct in all respects of Program-related activities;
b) make every reasonable effort to prevent, identify, and report any actions of discrimination, harassment, or violence that have been committed or that they reasonably believe may have been committed to the campus director; and
c) act in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations when fulfilling their obligations to and interacting with the Program; when appropriate, investigations may be handled by outside authorities.

All violations of this policy will be investigated in a fair, just, equitable and timely manner and dealt with accordingly. Actions taken under this policy may include discipline up to and including termination of employment and contracts, expulsion from programs of study, denial of access to the Program, and/or legal sanctions.

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