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“There are many unique things about the program. It has it’s foundation in the BC Occupational Competencies and the Early Learning framework- and my practice is stronger because of that.   The philosophical teachings of Dr. Pille Bunnell have changed my life as I regard everyone as my  “legitimate other.” I am also grateful that I learned about song games !  This part of the curriculum is both unique and special because it facilitates the creation of a community of learners and it’s quite amazing to witness children’s imagination and literacy blossom over time”
– Camille Noel

The ECE program has been a program full of great surprises.  I had thought all training programs would be the same but not here.  We sat together for lunch at a large round table and talked about our practice.  We asked each other big questions Dr. Fleurette Sweeney and Kate McCabe helped us expand our understanding of our work and the families we serve.  I am friends with the many of my peers from the cohort and I still feel I can call the instructors and my mentors to ask for advice.  This has been truly a meaningful program in my life.

The ECE program was a great experience. There was no other program available at the time that provided a schedule that allowed me to take care of my family and study at the same time.

The small class size allowed for Kate to be available to support each of us and our individual needs. She provided space that allowed for individual learning styles and supported our unique academic interests while at the same time giving us a solid foundation to work from.

Kate not only offer support throughout the program, she has become a mentor for me as I have navigate, starting a forest preschool, working as an ECE for others and currently working towards growing into a leadership roll. She has provided ongoing quality professional development and a continued engagement in learning. The program is really a community of learners and I am grateful to be part of this community.

The program fits perfectly with my needs, in parallel I was studying and working, the hours and days were perfect. If I had found a program with greater time-intensity it would have been very difficult for me.

The payment system was very generous.

Kate was always available as a mentor, teacher, principal, friend, etc. whenever we had any doubt about the assignment, about the program, about the practice, even some personal situation we could knock on her door and there was always room in her sofa to listen to us.

It was essential that Kate was there in person always, from the explanation of the contents, the teachings in practice, to the workshops and meetings in her home, we could always find coherence and a cohesion among all the topics discussed.

When I arrived in Vancouver Kate wasn’t only my teacher and mentor, she also became the person who first trusted me and my capabilities.
She always encouraged me to think beyond the obvious and she trusted my abilities, more than I trusted myself and although sometimes I felt tired she was there to tell me that it will be worth it.
Even my family “knows her” for what I told them about her, they always consider her and to date my parents still ask me about her …

Taking my ECE teacher training at Creative Minds was a meaningful experience. Kate was a great mentor and continues to be a real guidance in my practice. It was a year of learning in integrative ways both theoretical and hands-on, with great flexibility and openness.
We were always engaged in reflective thinking and constant opportunities to articulate and explore our ideas, visions, and backgrounds. It was such an inspiring year that fills my heart until now in my own path. We were always encouraged to find our voices in this field in a context of great respect and nurturance.

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