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Kate McCabe, BEd., MA (UBC) Doctoral Candidate (SFU)
Practicum and Program Director, Faculty

Kate completed an MA in Curriculum and Instruction from UBC. Kate’s thesis showed how sustained, structured conversation helps teachers be genuine in their practice and grow professionally. Kate also holds certification as an International Baccalaureate teacher and practices inquiry learning in her work with children. She founded Creative Minds Early Learning Centre in Vancouver in 1982 and this is one of the sites for practicum. Kate in currently pursuing a doctorate in educational practice  and brings this study to her work with the ECE students.

Kate is the recipient of the 2012 Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in ECE (Certificate of Achievement).

Dr. Fleurette Sweeney, ARCT (Toronto), BA (UBC), MA (College Holy Names, Oakland, California), PhD (UBC)
Subject Specialist (Song Study)

Fleurette has spent the past 43 years researching the connection between singing and speaking. From 1967 until 1991 she collaborated with Mary Helen Richards in the development of Education Through Music and taught courses in ETM at universities and school districts throughout the US, Canada and Japan. Upon retiring Fleurette completed doctoral studies at UBC in 2002. Her dissertation From Sound to Symbol:The Whole Song as Curriculum; The Whole Child as Pedagogue; Observation as Methodology is the basis for her continuing work with children of all abilities, families, teachers. As founder and president of the Living Language Institute Foundation (1987), Fleurette and collaborators developed the program Singing English. Originally Singing English addressed the needs of children learning in the multi-lingual classrooms of Metro Vancouver. Lately it has been used with great success with parents whose children fall within the autistic spectrum, with librarians, and as the basis of a co-lingual project involving families living in the multi-lingual neighbourhoods of Vancouver.
Publications: Singing in the Education of Children: Implications for Teachers of the English Language

Negar Kaviani

Negar moved to Canada in 2010 to pursue her studies in the field of Education. She Completed an M.Ed in Instructional Design and Educational Technology in 2013 while she was working as an Early Childhood Educator. With her personal interest in psychology, and Mindfulness practices in particular, Negar focuses on designing ” curricula in abundance”. Negar has more than 7 years of experience working with young children as well as mentoring adults ( parents, teachers). She joined Creative Minds in 2018 to obtain her Full ECE license and has been privileged to work and learn with Creative Minds community since then.

Catalina Baeza
Curriculum Specialist

Pedagogical Documentation … for all our learning

Catalina is an Early Childhood Educator with a background in Arts and mother of two children. She believes we need to rethink the purpose and heart of education and shift to richer, interwoven ways of understanding our lives together. Pedagogical Documentation is a tool that can help us think deeper, expanding our awareness and capacity for responsiveness with children. It is a practice of deep engagement, a way of paying attention to the children and ourselves. It is making visible how we educators think about a moment in a child’s life that we witness with reverence and curiosity. Insights and questions arise in these moments and take hold of us. With this approach in our practice, we question dominant ideas in a continuing dialogue of engaged and engaging reflective practices.