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Dr. Kate McCabe
Practicum and Program Director, Faculty

Kate received a doctorate from SFU in 2023. Her focus of study was hermeneutic philosophy. The title of her dissertation is Walking Backward Out into the Wild. She completed an MA in Curriculum and Instruction from UBC and a Bachelor of Education (Elementary) from UBC. Kate’s MA thesis showed how sustained, structured conversation helps educators bring balance into their practice. Kate holds certification as an International Baccalaureate teacher and practices inquiry learning in her work with children. She founded Creative Minds Early Learning Centre in 1982.

Kate is the recipient of the 2012 Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in ECE.

Catalina Baeza

Catalina is an Educator with a background in Arts and mother of two children. She helps us rethink the purpose and heart of education and shift to richer, interwoven ways of understanding our lives together. Pedagogical Documentation is a tool that can help us think deeper, expanding our awareness and capacity for responsiveness with children. It is a practice of deep engagement, a way of paying attention to the children and ourselves. It is making visible how we educators think about a moment in a child’s life that we witness with reverence and curiosity. Insights and questions arise in these moments and take hold of us. With this approach in our practice, we question dominant ideas in a continuing dialogue of engaged and engaging reflective practices.

Natalie Ho

Natalie Ho has dedicated her career to the field of childcare, starting at the age of 19. Over the years, she has given herself to a diverse range of education contexts including school-age programs, children at risk, children with disabilities, youth, and preschool environments. Her educational background is equally versatile, as she holds a degree in sociology and business from Simon Fraser University. She further honed her expertise by completing her Early Childhood Education (ECE) certification. Natalie works as a program manager at a local before and after-school care program, where her program serves approximately 250 families.

Dr. Pille Bunnell
Systems Ecologist

Dr. Pille Bunnell is a systems ecologist who has specialised in the integration and explanation of complex concerns for domain specialists, policy makers, students, and the public. She acted as the Director of Environmental Literacy with an international consulting firm (ESSA Technologies Ltd.) where she conducted integrative projects on Adaptive Environmental Management with concerns ranging from fisheries, to land use management and climate change. Pille designed and co-authored the first State of Environment report for BC, and developed public school curricula on ecology.

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